3rd International Conference on Art, Language, and Culture (ICALC) 2018

Syariah Hotel Solo

September 29, 2018

Art is materialization of human creativity by actualizing or expressing ideas to a spesific meaning. In educational context, art have a role of media to deepen the appreciation and creation of art. Artistic product are not the main target, but through art people will understand and feel the impressions, and values that comes from a work of art. Therefore the creation process requires a mature intellectualand humanist consideration as work basis. Society and culture that they believe, is an important aspect that play a role in a work of art birth, because the development of cultural value that occur in global community today is certainly a stimulant for artist in the birth of his work ic accordance with the value that flourish today. Arts as a product from socio-cultural of the society make it a reflector of the inherent dynamic cultural value in life. In this context of a humanist education media, it should be able to educate the citizens about their critical power by reading various artistic text and practicing art in accordance with the context of work of art birth.


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